Health and Lifestyle

The Taboo of Being a Human Pacifier, The Atlantic, March 2016.

Should pregnant women be induced at 39 weeks?, The Washington Post, Health and Science Section, Print, June 2016.
                                                  On Parenting, The Washington Post, July 2016.
                                                  On Parenting, The Washington Post, February 2016.
                                                  Solo-ish, The Washington Post, February 2016.

Sustainable Landscaping, New England Home Magazine Connecticut, Summer 2016.
How Instagram Changed the Celebrity Crush, The Daily Beast, January 2016.

God Didn’t Say What’s Kosher on Mars, Vice Motherboard, October 2015.
Why Your Baby Hates Your Period,, April 2016.

Building Your Brand: Finding the Right Balance, Barista Magazine, August/September 2014.

When 'All Natural' Isn't a Good Thing, Nourished Living, January 2014.

Personal Essays

My Daughter’s Suburban Childhood Looks Nothing Like My Urban One, New York Magazine's The Cut, February 2017.

My grandfather helped create Captain America for times like these, The Washington Post, PostEverything, Print and Web, February 2017.

How I Fell in Love with a Bagel Magnate, ExtraCrispy, July 2016.

On Parenting Section, The Washington Post, November 2015.
Acts of Faith Section, The Washington Post, Septemeber 2016.

Personal Essay, Kveller, December 2015.




College and University Publications

Lucy Liu Applauds Students for Honoring Cultural Diversity, Harvard Gazette, February 2016.
Spawn of Bosch, Harvard Gazette, February 2016.
                                                  The Art of the Moment, Harvard Gazette, April 2016.
                                                  A Focus on What We Eat, Harvard Gazette, April 2016.
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Advocating for diversity: A Q&A with MBA student Ellen Rice Staten, MIT Sloan School of Management, February 2016.
Designing for Impact, Student Profile, MIT Sloan School of Management, April 2016.
                                                  MIT Leadership Club Gets a Modern Twist, MIT Sloan School of Management, October 2016.
Introducing Bentley Students to Philanthropy, The Biz, Bentley University, May 2016.
Are You Managing Your Career Assets?, Prepared U, Bentley University, January 2016.
How to Create a Video Game—Bentley Style, The Biz, Bentley University, January 2016.

Spooktacularly Smart, Wheaton College Quarterly Magazine, Winter 2014.
Playing it Forward, Wheaton College Quarterly Magazine, September 2016.